types in drupal

How to catch drupal modules in a model. The question becomes do I want to hardcode concepts like menu/paths and forms with fields. Or do I (try to) generalise this in to the concept of a DrupalType that consists of a name and a list of innertypes. The name of a type is the associative index key in php.

I need to try some examples to see if this works.

drupal generator using acceleo

I installed the Acceleo SDK a few days ago and started writing some simple templates to generate drupal modules. So far everything is going fine. I am still wondering how Acceleo handles a continuous integration scenario. There is a class generated that can be started as a java appplication. But if and how this integrates with maven(I'm planning to use tycho) I do not know.

On a completely other subject is there somewhere an EMF model repository? Someone must have defined a relational model already in EMF. I need to do some net surfing here.

Model Driven Drupal

June 20, 2011

I started working on some eclipse plugins to model drupal modules. I prefer defining all the structures in drupal via a model than via multi dimensional associative arrays. I already defined a simple model in EMF. Now, starting up the code generators in eclipse. I stand for the choice to go for the Acceleo SDK with an ocl template based language or for xpand which is developed by itemis and is I think more mainstream.

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